Friday, January 30, 2009

SD360 Virtual Tour LaCroix - Rittenhouse Hotel Philadelphia, PA

Private Dining Room at the 4 Diamond LaCroix Restuarant in the Rittenhouse Hotel located in downtown Philadelphia, PA.

Standard Definition is actually a HD360 without the extra post processing. Standard definitions don't do a full spherical panorama. You won't be able to see the feet of top of the 360. However you only lose about 10 degree view. This is because of the lens and tripod being left. SD usually have a few minor stitch errors, they are barely visible.

This particular 360 I did remove tripod cap so its pretty close to a HD. The reason you would want a SD version over the HD version is because of price. Post processing is cut almost in half therefore I can past the savings along.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

360HD Panoroma Virtual Tour Bookbinders - Philadelphia, PA

Beautifully designed Bookbinders in Philadelphia was a pleasure to shoot. There was so much inspiration. Bookbinders wanted 360HD virtual tours to showcase their banquet and private party capabilities. These 360HD virtual tours are of the very highest quality. Extensive post processing was utilized to create images worthy of the best Architectural Magazines. View this HD360 by clicking on the image above. Be sure to view Full Screen.

360HD Panoroma Virtual Tour Residences at Two Libery, Philadelphia, PA : Bedroom

Great view of city from the Bedroom at the Residences at Two Liberty in Philadelphia, PA. This Virtual Tour is an example of a very high quality High Definition Virtual Tour. Normally a little more retouching would of been done to this Virtual Tour. The image was color corrected for the interior. The next step would have been to layer a color corrected image of the outside to remove the blue cast. This was done as personal work therefore the extra effort did not go into it. However you can see the high detail in the fabrics and furnishings. The interior was color corrected and if this image went to print would be suitable for publishing in Architectural Digest. IMHO.

Be sure click the button on far right for incredible full screen view. (button looks like and "X").

ibrochure: Rich Media HD Virtual Tour Brochure featuring NorthBowl Lanes

"ibrochures" New product to showcase clients establishments with richmedia HD 360 Virtual Tours and High quality architectural images. These ibrochures will display feature virtual tours, images, maps, local interest virtual tours, pdf downloads, video and much more. Great way to showcase a business on the web. These ibrochures can also double for kiosk and desktop demonstration. We can also produce them as cd's for digital handouts. Click image above to see the potential of ibrochures. This ibrochure is of Northbowl Lounge and Lanes. Northbowl wanted 360HD Virtual Tours to showcase their space to book more private events.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NorthBowl - Philadelphia, PA

Northbowl Lounge and Lanes in Philadelphia, PA. Here is 360 HD Panorama virtual tour of the Main Lanes of this establishment. Be sure to click full screen button (x button on the right) for an awesome viewing experience.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mia Restaurant - Atlantic City, New Jersey

One of my favorite restaurants. The food is great and the architectural design is amazing. This is a HD360 panorama (Virtual Tour). It is set to rotate automatically. You can use your mouse to look up, down and all around. Be sure to click the fullscreen button for an awesome viewing experience. If the picture link doesn't work click here.

Creation of my website

Yesterday I attempted to install wordpress on to my servers to create my website. I decided that I'm not a programmer and I need to leave that to someone else. It was a lot more work than I could handle. So I decided to take another route and created a simple website via another program. I be using dreamweaver and another program to create it. After about 4 hours of working with my old host. I was finally able to get the site live. Only the first page is done and none of the links are working. I expect to have it somewhat functional in a couple of days. The site will host my HD360 Architectual Panorama's also known as Virtual Tours. The difference is mine is of the highest quality. My site will also showcase my architectural photography and Lifestyle architectural photography. Its a work in progress but will be a great place to see my unique capabilities.

In addition I will be offering a very unique product called a virtual brochure. Check back to see and example. I should have one online in a couple of days.